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VeloPRO Baseball player development gives you MLB and NCAA defined programming for pitching, hitting, strength, arm care, coaching, and recruiting. Access everything your game needs with the password provided through your product purchase.  

The benefits of VeloPRO Baseball training

Age specific.

Level specific.

Train movement.
Not mechanics.

Get results within
3 weeks or less.*

Driven by expertise
and analytics.

Do you feel there is more performance in your game?

Most athletes know their performance capabilities, but oftentimes, cannot get it into the baseball. This is caused by movement deficiencies that create mechanical issues. And the result is underperformance.

Are you maximizing your training process?

Training smarter and harder than your competition are essential components to maximizing every rep. Your future needs more than just an instructor or analytic. It needs a proven process that is guided by the top levels of the game. And VeloPRO Baseball has it.

"If you always DO what you always have DONE, then you will always BE whom you have always BEEN. I learned through more failure than success that change is hard, but failure is harder. I have spent a lifetime training myself to be the best and my athletes to attain the best. No one knows everything, but if you have been in the driver's seat, you learn something new every day - and this truly is the secret
to success. I encourage you to be a part of ALL processes,
so you can train the skills of tomorrow - TODAY."


Not according to science and on field expertise

If you 'Google' swing and delivery phases - everyone looks the same at release or contact. This is because all human bodies physiologically move by counterbalancing opposite body parts. Although there are different body types, ages, and skill levels, there are no differences in what every human body is trying to do - REMAIN DYNAMICALLY BALANCED IN MOVEMENT.

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BLE alums - professional baseball*


Big League Edge Performance Baseball drives VeloPRO training. 15 years in the training industry. A combined 115 years of on field playing, coaching, and analytical expertise. Over 450 NCAA and pro alums. And the data points to one thing - movement.


Founded upon load physics, Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy laws, kinsiology, and the Bernstein and SAID Principles, VeloPRO training focuses upon how baseball players create and move energy. And it all starts with your kinetic chain reaction.

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BLE alums - NCAA Division 1*

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BLE alums - NCAA Division 2 - NAIA*


Baseball players come in all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. And knowing how and when to train certain game requirements is crucial to your development process. And the #1 way to unlock your performance potential is through balanced force.

*Not all alumni pictured


Do your own research to discover the truth behind movement

Although the game has changed in 120+ years, human bodies have not, and this is why movement still remains the same. The only difference is the speed and efficiency of movement. With each progressive level, the same swings and pitching deliveries exist, but just at a faster pace. This is why the athlete changes the game - making it quicker, stronger, and faster. No matter the age, body type, nationality, or skill level - everyone moves the same when in PEAK PERFORMANCE.

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How we get your performance potential into each pitch

3-4 workouts per week.

30min per day. Plus strength.

Age specific. Level specific.

Minimal learning curve.


The game revolves around one analytic - the 4.3sec "home to first" runtime. Winning is all about keeping runners off base or pushing runners across base, and the more you can beat the runtime, the more you win. Your training should develop game speed to match game level - the #1 focus of VeloPRO Baseball training. 

3 keys to training without limits


The #1 requirement of

power hitters and pitchers.


Keep power and velocity unlocked with Protective Reflex Response.


Peak your athletic movement by staying dynamically balanced.

Train hitting. Not just swinging.

  • Exit velocity combats defensive range by driving baseballs past speedier fielders.
  • Hand speed combats pitch velocity so you have more time to see the pitch.

  • Plate coverage creates more opportunity to hit any pitch - in any location.

  • Increased strength combats the increased game speeds at the next level.

Train pitching. Not velocity.

  • Velocity overmatches hand speed so your pitches miss barrel more often.
  • Fitness keeps you in the game longer and maintains peak performance.

  • Off speed break exploits offensive approach, holes, and sitting on pitches.

  • Command combats increased plate coverage and decreases base hits.

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