Age specific.

Level specific.

Train movement.
Not mechanics.

Get results within
3 weeks or less.*

Driven by expertise
and analytics.


*Recommended for ages 11 and up. For hitters or pitchers.

Introducing the world's first movement enhancement trainer

For serious hitters or pitchers. Any age*. Any level.

 Foot straps can be ordered in the event you need a replacement due to wear and tear.

Integrate a specialized thigh strap to contour resistance along linear drive line (not included with VL Harness).

Increase your training intensity. by adding more resistance to your workouts.

Experience specialized resistance. Specific to baseball movements.

Specialized rubber and silicone blend provides resistance over entire ROM.

Special pound ratings not
available on the market today.

Double walled design gives uniform resistance that commercial bungees do not provide. No jerking action.

Heat treatment ensures elasticity does not fade with use like normal bungees.


Experience the VeloPRO change within 3 weeks or less.*


Use VeloPRO for three weeks. If you do not experience performance gains within 3 weeks or less, VeloPRO's player development staff will work with you personally for 2 weeks. If you still feel no changes, we will refund your money back - guaranteed! With 16 different training facilities, thousands of athletes nationwide, and 33+ pro players and NCAA baseball programs getting results - you will too.

  • Immediate sensory feedback with every rep.
  • Instantly identifies any movement deficiency.
  • Gives sensory overload with any incorrect movement.
  • Redirects posture to optimize athletic balance - instantly.
  • Unlocks previously locked performance potential.


the way you train to the game.


3 different resistance positions.

Revolutionary doubled walled, high tensil bungees provide resistance throughout entire range of motion. No "jerking" action.

Integrated foot strap (included) and thigh strap (not included) keep resistance contoured.

Purchase extra bungees to increase training. Customize your harness with stitched name or number.


For baseball or softball. Hitting and pitching specific.

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STEP 1: Strap up to performance potential.

By instantly retraining motor patterns to sync equal and opposite reactions, the Velocity Load Harness creates movement efficiency, and this is what unlocks previously locked performance potential within 3 weeks or less.

STEP 2: Step into movement enhancement.

Developed by MLB players Jim Parque, Mike Sirotka, and NCAA baseball coaches Sean Taunt and BA Garner, VeloPRO Baseball was created by baseball players - FOR BASEBALL PLAYERS. Train with on field expertise and confounding analytics by using your password (provided with product purchase) to access all the MLB and NCAA defined player development and programming.

STEP 3: Clip onto balanced force.

By instantly retraining motor patterns to support your newfound performance, the Velocity LOAD Harness creates balanced force - the #1 way to increasing movement efficiency and unlocking performance potential.





Performance gains

Within 3 weeks or less.

Varies. Does not work on everyone.

Limited and widely varies.

Based upon

MLB playing and coaching expertise. Confounded by analytics.

Originated from tennis.

Robotic steps contradicting
human movement patterns.

Injury prevention

Directly trains core to support throwing shoulder.

Trains arm to move faster, but does not directly train support of such.

Trains one step in entire move.
Does not train support directly.


Works on every type of athlete.

Varies widely.
Does not work on every athlete.

Varies widely.

Avg 3wk pitching gains

National avg is 3MPH in long toss, flat, or bullpen. Increased plane, command, off speed break, or delivery efficiency.

Varies widely. Most marketed
gains on internet are taken
from lighter baseballs.

Varies widely.

Avg 3wk hitting gains

National avg is 4-7MPH in handspeed with increases in power or swing efficiency.


Takes many months to realize gains.



Upwards of $250 for product
and training per month.

Depends upon instructor rates.


the 3 week VeloPRO performance challenge.

Use VeloPRO for three weeks. Take a before and after video. Send it to us and we will give you a full biomechanical analysis with quantifiable feedback. A $75 value - free. Nationally, pitchers are gaining velocity, plane, delivery efficiency, and command within 3 weeks. Hitters are experiencing more power, hand speed, and swing efficiency. With 16 different training facilities, thousands of athletes nationwide, and 33+ pro players and NCAA baseball programs getting results - you will too. 

VeloPRO trained Jordan Cowan - Seattle Mariners