Age specific.

Level specific.

Trains body to
move efficiently.

Build the baseball
strong body.

Developed by
baseball players.

VeloPRO Baseball Strength and Arm Care

Every VeloPRO Baseball purchase comes with a password that gives you exclusive access into the world of top level strength and arm care training. Confounded with analytics, on field MLB and NCAA defined expertise, and over a decade of quantifiable data and research, these programs train the skills of tomorrow, TODAY. Use your password to download any VeloPRO Baseball training program (see below).

Utilized at the top levels of the game.

Position specific for hitters or pitchers. Driven to develop baseball core strength.

Movement based strength trains atleast 4 muscle groups at once.

Trains core support to decrease injury risk and increase fulcrum leverage.

Programming driven to get you BASEBALL strong.

4-5 workouts per week.

30min per day. Plus arm care.

Age specific. Level specific.

In season or offseason programs.

Strength training programs for hitters

Hitters need to counterbalance barrel weight and training your body to equalize your swing efficiencies is crucial to developing more power, hand speed, and exit velocities.

Links will be live April 15, 2017

Strength training programs for pitchers

Understanding how mound slope and energy transfer works within your pitching delivery determines how you build the pitching STRONG body. If you move properly, you increase potential to throw harder, command it, and create plane for both your

fastball and off speed pitches.

Links will be live April 15, 2017

Speed, agility, flex, and conditioning

A baseball STRONG body requires both flexibility, fast twitch motor response, and cardiovascular conditioning. No top level athlete ignores these all important aspects to their physical conditioning.

Arm care and recovery plans

Recover and rest are just as important as performance. Knowing your body and how it is recovering should dictate your workout frequency. Additionally, you have only one arm and keeping it in peak performance is the key to longevity and endurance in a game that will eventually require you to play 162 games per season.

Links will be live April 15, 2017

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