Human movement is based upon counterbalancing body parts to align towards one common CENTER of balance - not balance point. Since equal and opposite reactions must occur in any kinetic chain reaction, balance POINTS work against optimizing MOVEMENT.

As confounded by Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy laws, and the Berstein and SAID Principles, moving energy is all about the F=MA equation and kinetic chain reactions.

Staying dynamically balanced is the key to your pitching success, as this requires movement training that focuses upon developing a "counterbalancing act" within your kinetic chain reaction.


Pitchers are basically moving energy from their bodies into the pitch. To do so, you need to create FORCE, and "force" is optimized through mass and acceleration. Hence F=MA.

Using common sense, if you have more mass and acceleration, you create more force. In pitching terms, the harder you drive and rotate, the more force you create, resulting in a higher velocity pitch. The key is (1) when to push, (2) when to rotate, and (3) when to release.

Your kinetic chain reaction become efficient when your timing and sync (of the above) are optimized. However, learning how and when is highly dependant upon too many factors to discuss here.

The good news is VeloPRO takes care of all the above instantly, as it aligns your motor patterning to maximize energy flow rates. In doing so, you bypass years of mechanical and athletic training.


Contrary to popularized pitching training, there are no balance points within your delivery - IF YOU WANT TO THROW HARD. Velocity and command are based upon maximizing energy flows and it boils down to KCR efficiencies.

It is impossible to quantify or train mechanically to mound slope. Since balance redirections are everchanging when moving downhill, there truly is no balance point. The answer is counterbalancing your force and mass to create the acceleration - all of which puts energy into your pitches.

To do so, you must redirect your center of balance upslope, and the harder you drive, the higher the upslope redirection. Additionally, you must maintain this new redirection of energy longer into your front foot strike.

By staying counterbalanced longer and with increased upslope redirection, you will maximize energy flows into your pitches.

This is why weighted baseballs pose concerns to health. By uploading a throwing arm and putting it on a mound, the human body must support more than normal. Since most athletes are not trained to do so, and inexperienced trainers do not fully understand the consequences of "lack of support" - weighted baseballs could increase injury risk.

Knowing and understanding how support, slope, and F=MA work together is the key to unlocking velocity and command - all of which is ascertained instantly with VeloPRO.

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