Practice plans
for all levels.

Train movement.
Not mechanics.

Build your team
the right way.


VeloPRO Baseball coaching and game strategies

Every VeloPRO Baseball purchase comes with a password that gives you exclusive access into the world of top level strength and arm care training. Confounded with analytics, on field MLB and NCAA defined expertise, and over a decade of quantifiable data and research, these programs give coaches everything they need to win. Use your password to download any VeloPRO Baseball training program (see below).

Develops communication skills

that relate to the individual.

Gives you the in game strategies that keep your team in statistical advantage.

Turns winning into a byproduct of player development.

Coaching development focused upon the INDIVIDUAL.

Coach to the individual.

Be consistent in your leadership.

Be specific to the ability level.

Know the game inside and out.

Player develop to win

Turn winning into a byproduct of player development by training the individual to compete and perform under any game situation or direction you require.

Links will be live April 15, 2017

Motivate by giving them a WHY

If your athletes know WHY they must perform, they will work

harder for every pitch. Understanding how to communicate the "vindication" is as important as having talent up and down your line up. And always remember that the athlete dictates your process, or you could find a disenchanged player unwilling to be coached.

Links will be live April 15, 2017

Practice plans that maximize efficiency

No two athletes or teams are alike, but knowing how to position your team during practice makes them perform greater in the game. Develop a proven process to the level you coach at.

Game strategies and statistical advantage

Winning is all about keeping runners off base or pushing them across base. Understanding how to stay one step ahead of your competition is the key to peaking statistical advantage. If you can give your athletes a 51% success potential, your team has a 51% chance of winning. And great coaches know the game statistics.

Links will be live April 15, 2017

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