The VeloPRO Baseball 3 week challenge is the only performance guarantee on the market today. No other training system backs their products and player development with more oversight than VeloPRO Baseball.

If you are not gaining performance (as described below), go through Steps 1-7. If, after all steps are completed as described, you still do not feel value in your purchase, VeloPRO Baseball will refund your money. ALL 3 WEEK CHALLENGE INQUIRES MUST BE WITHIN 25 CALENDAR DAYS OF PURCHASE.

HITTERS:  Nationally experiencing increases in swing efficiency, hand speeds, power, and exit velocities.

PITCHERS:  Nationally experiencing increases in delivery efficiency, pitch velocity, off speed break, plane, command, and movement.


1. Purchase our Velocity LOAD Harness. Recommended for ages 11 and up. If you are younger than age 11 (at time of purchase), you will not be eligible for any refund, but would be eligible for any player development oversite (see Step #6).

2. Before you start, take a video of yourself hitting (off a tee) or pitching (in a bullpen). Capture 10 reps of OPEN SIDE - which is the side your chest is facing. PUT ANALYTICS INTO THE VIDEO AND MAKE SURE THEY CAN BE SEEN AND ARE READING EACH PITCH IN YOUR VIDEO.

-HITTERS:  Hand speed only.
-PITCHERS:  Velocity readings only.

Ensure your phone is close enough to capture both your entire body from start to finish. Do NOT film ball flight. Document the hand speed of each rep (hitters) or velocity of each pitch (pitchers).

3. Use the Velocity LOAD Harness for 3 weeks at 20-30min per day, and 3-4 days per week (at a minimum). MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL THE PROGRAMMING REQUIREMENTS IN OUR PLAYER DEVELOPMENT SITE TO ENSURE YOUR USAGE AND TRAINING IS GUIDED PROPERLY. Document the following:

-Amount of reps taken (general or approximate is sufficient).
-Days practiced and amount of time per practice.
-Chart analytics. Ranges are fine, but get low and top end.

Additionally, use your VL Harness in all form(s) of drills. For hitters, train with it in tee work, BP, and any drill. For pitchers, use it during long toss, dry drills, flat, and bullpens.

4. After 3 weeks, take a video of yourself (as you did in Step #1). Ensure it is in the same place that you conducted the first video. This helps with comparisons. PUT ANALYTICS IN YOUR VIDEO (as described in Step #2). Compare the two videos in a side-by-side to see the differences. If you do NOT see differences, move onto Step 5.

5. Email your video in MP3 format to Info@Veloprobaseball.com. Provide your full name, email address, age, whom you play for, and transaction ID of your product purchase.

6. VeloPRO Baseball's player development staff of MLB, MiLB, and NCAA coaches will contact you within 3 days or receiving your video. From here:

-They will work with you for 2 weeks (via satellite training) to assist with your training process.
-Every other day, you will send a video of yourself practicing and our staff will problem solve each video and provide feedback from which you can increase your performance.

7. After this process is completed (as described in Step 6), if you still feel there are no gains, VeloPRO Baseball will refund your money back (less original shipping costs) once we receive your returned product(s).

The above is designed to create a detailed process from which to develop. Analytics track progress. Video creates quantifiable comparisons. And our staff ensures all training ideals are covered.

We guarantee success, and if such does not occur, we will refund your money back!


-To be eligible for a refund, Steps 1-7 must be met as described. Viewable analytics, before and after videos, videography requirements, minimum age requirement, amount of days practiced, amount of time practiced, frequency of practice, charting of analytics, and full 2 week oversite process must all be ascertained to their full extent (as described above).

-Any refund will not include original shipping cost(s) or any cost(s) associated with returning product(s).

-Refund will be processed within 3 days of product receiving and will be provided back to credit card utilized for purchase.

-Returning product(s) must include name of original purchaser, age of athlete, transaction ID, and email utilized to purchase product(s).

-Any returned product(s) must be in good working condition. Any damage(s) to product(s) will not result in a refund.

-The VeloPRO Baseball 3 week challenge is only valid from purchase date to 25 calendar days thereafter. Any unsatisfaction outside of this 25 day period will not result in any oversite or refund.

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