3 different resistance positions.

Revolutionary doubled walled, high tensil bungees provide resistance throughout entire range of motion. No "jerking" action.

Integrated foot strap (included) and thigh strap (not included) keep resistance contoured.

Purchase extra bungees to increase training. Customize your harness with stitched name or number.


For baseball or softball. Hitting and pitching specific.

Works on all body types and skill levels. Goes on in 30sec. Virtually no learning curve. No extra tie downs, parts, or anchor points required.

Once you purchase the VL Harness, use password (provided with product) to access tutorials and player development programming to maximize your training.

Train linear drive force and rotational torque with 2 different phases of wear - front hip or back hip.

Instantly retrains motor patterning to sync linear and rotational movement planes.

Immediately identifies all movement breakdowns within your swing or delivery.

Nationally, pitchers are increasing in velocity, command, plane, off speed break, and delivery efficiency increases within 3 weeks or less.

Hitters are experiencing increased hand speeds, power, and swing efficiency within 3 weeks or less nationally.