VeloPRO Baseball launches on national scale

January 20, 2017

With much fanfare, VeloPRO Baseball is proud to announce the official release of its revolutionary movement enhancement training system for hitters and pitchers.

Featuring the world's first and only movement  enhancement trainer, VeloPRO's Velocity LOAD harness is currently being utilized by over 33 pro baseball players and NCAA baseball programs nationally.

The VL Harness is the marquee product in a line that promises performance gains for any body type, age, or skill level. Granted, this could prove a marketing nightmare, but BLE Founder and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque thinks otherwise:

"I know how to develop athletes and what it takes to be successful at any level. I also understand the overmarketing world of today's player development industry. However, after 15 years in the business and having trained thousands across 5 continents with the VL Harness - it flat out gets results." Stated VeloPRO developer and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque.

Parque is not the only developer behind VeloPRO, which was developed by baseball players - for baseball players.

"I have seen a lot in my playing and coaching career, and I can tell you that VeloPRO gets results quickly. It is a movement based enhancer, which is why it is completely different than everything else on the market today." Stated former MLB pitcher Mike Sirotka.

"My guys love it. We absolutely will continue to utilize the VL Harness and VeloPRO's training system, because it does not require a big learning curve, is easy to use, and most of all - it gets results for us." Stated NCAA head assistant baseball coach Sean Taunt.

Multiple universities, 16 baseball facilities, and 12 nationally acclaimed player developers did studies upon the VL Harness and its effects upon athletic performance in the past 6 months. The same results of performance gains within 3 weeks or less were attained unilaterally. Pitchers saw increases in velocity during long toss, flat, or bullpens. Off speed break increased along with plane and command. The biggest gains were seen in delivery efficiencies.

"Pitching is much different than throwing. Max intent throwing produces bigger velocity readings and ranges, but these usually do not enhance command, plane, and all the things required to get hitters out. Velocity is relative, but winning is not, and the sooner pitchers realize they must WIN with velocity, the sooner they will start training support of velocity. Training the proven way starts with movement training that supports the arm and trains to the game - rather than one aspect of the game." Stated Parque.

VeloPRO Baseball's Velocity Load Harness is proving to have major value to hitters, especially in swing efficiency that correlates to increased hand speed.

"Our data shows swing patterns are being optimized by the harness. This is due to the equal and opposite reactions of energy chains being balanced, and this creates the balanced force necessary to unlock hand speeds." Stated VeloPRO Director of Operations Larry Marshall.

Marshall, whom was an NCAA baseball head coach went on:

"I am old school in my approach and at times, not as progressive as others. This has kept my hitting development grounded, as I infuse newer ideals at a slower rate. The harness has changed my perspective upon how to train hitters because it bypasses mechanical training and creates a hitter - rather than a swinger."

Hitters have been experiencing an average of 4-7MPH increases in hand speed, power, and swing efficiency. These results are being driven by dozens of locations nationally with all types of athletes - at all levels of the game.

"The difference between mechanics and movement is simple - motor patterning goals versus motor patterning steps. Since human movement is based upon counterbalancing support of energy, you can create an efficient athlete by directly training energy. Very few train energy movement because it takes more than just a resume or regurgitated data to understand." Stated Parque.

Parque went on:

"When I look at all the data available to the public and private sectors, I see one correlation - analytical baseball that overcomplicates too early. It has value, but it taking the feel out of the game. VeloPRO Baseball is putting the athlete back into athletics."

VeloPRO's harness gives athletes sensory feedback with every rep. If suppport is left premature during linear or rotational moves, the specialized resistance bands pull the back foot up and back - resulting in a catapulting effect of the head. This causes a negative sensory overload that retrains motor patterning to combat unsupported moves that lock up performance potential.

One of the main components to the VL Harness success lies within the specialized resistance bungees, their pound ratings, and their placement. The prorietary blend of rubber and silicone provides resistance across the entire range of motion - unlike normal bands. Additionally, their double walled and heat treated manufacturing process eliminates the jerking action normal bands produce during athletic use.

"We saw a lot of issues with commercial resistance bungees, as they did not allow the athlete to create smooth and uninhibited athletic movement. A lot went into the design and redesign of our bands, and the hard work has paid off." Stated Parque.

Although VeloPRO Baseball's hype has spread quickly, truth behind marketing is what defines the VeloPRO process.

"We want to have integrity behind all we do. Our posted gains are not with lighter baseballs. They are not an inconsistent occurance. And they definately are not half truths that can mislead in order to gain market share. Our posted gains are taken under real baseball conditions and provide the entire story, and this ensures our clients get what they think they will get." Stated Parque.

Parque went on:

"VeloPRO Baseball is the only training system in America that guarantees its product and performance. And that is a testament to what can actually happen for the athlete."

A few VeloPRO clients had things to say:

"I saw immediate increases in everything I do because the harness showed me what was going wrong immediately. I was able to correct it quickly and move onto the next issue within my delivery." Stated Triple A free agent pitcher Jorge Reyes.

"I would recommend this to any baseball player. The feedback you get can be humbling, but it makes you better and gives you the ability to put more into your game at a quicker pace." Stated pro pitcher Trevor Lubking.

"I tried it and found it made me so much more aware of what was going wrong, rather than what was going right. I know what it takes to be successful, but find it hard to not only attain these ideals, but train them." Stated NCAA pitching coach BA Garner.

Most mechanical or performance deficiencies are locked up due to protective reflex response. PRR is seen when a doctor hits a funny bone or a person touches something hot - creating a reflex response that moves away from potentially harmful stimuli.

In baseball, if there is an energy overload in any fulcrum axis point within a kinetic chain reaction, the result is a decrease or "locking" of power and energy.

This is why we see front sides opening early, drag arm, dragging barrels, and more in baseball players - all created and caused by energy overloads. VeloPRO retrains motor patterns to create balanced force - the #1 way to not only create power and velocity, but keep it unlocked.

"There are many great training methods and aids on the market today. However, the difference with VeloPRO Baseball is scientific theorem based - rather than theory based. Our common sense development approach cannot be refuted, unless one wants to ignore centuries of science" Stated Parque.

Based upon load physics, Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy principles, kinesiology, and the Bernstein and SAID Principles, VeloPRO Baseball is driven by scientific theorem.

"Although there are great things happening all across the United States for our athletes, you have to use the harness consistently. Nothing gives you performance gains without repetition and the more you use the harness, the better your motor patterning becomes. And the result is flat out productivity." Stated Parque.

VeloPRO will be available for purchase on January 20th, with 1500 units expected to sell out by the end of the month. Delivery is expected by early March (due to Chinese New Year). 16-20 different facilities across the Nation will have VeloPRO installed into all their player development, and if you would like to learn more, visit